Choosing the Right Bong For You

Choosing the Right Bong For You

Whether your old piece is broken, you are tired of cleaning it, or you have some extra money to spend, you might seriously think about buying a new bong for yourself. Without even thinking about options like vaporizers, chillums, pipes or steam rollers, purchasing a new bong can be overwhelming. This is because there are so many varieties to choose from – ceramic, wooden, acrylic and glass. It is one of the most popular weed accessories that most stoners would like to owe, even more than one. While glass is the best material for bongs, plastic pieces are the cheapest. Ceramic bongs are available in fun designs, and wood comes with durability. Ultimately, getting a bong is a matter of personal preference, but having sufficient knowledge about the available options can make your task easier and help you make the right decision.


The first question you should ask yourself is what the bong will be used for. This is more about the environment, the frequency of use, the importance of technicalities, frequency of cleaning, personal or party use, transportation, and other details. Such factors contribute to the process of decision-making when it comes to choosing a new bong for you. If it is your first bong purchase, remember to consider the capacity of your lungs. If you are never going to fill the chamber with smoke, you won’t maximize its potential. On the other hand, if you fill the chamber but don’t clear it in one hit, you get less fresh smoke in the second hit. Bigger bongs also have higher chances of breaking, and they occupy more space. Ensure that you have a good place to store the bong to reduce the chances of breaking.


If you are sure to be the only one to use your bong and are confident about keeping it safe, you can try a technical bong. Though they are expensive, they are popular for the clean, cool hits they create and the optimal THC absorption. There are glass bongs that are designed to be sturdy and perfect for everyday use. When it comes to glass pieces, you have to consider attachments like party bowls, ash catchers, down stems, percolators, and other parts.


If you like seeing clear water in your bong, you can consider a clear glass bong. Those who like hitting the bong while resting in a recliner can get a bent bong that directs the bong back towards you. To get the easiest-to-clean piece, avoid splash guards and extra perks. Choose a bong with an ice catcher if you like refreshing hits. Glass blowers are available in pretty color combinations and suit you if you like something colorful. Ceramic bongs also come in beautiful designs and offer pure tasting hits. Plastic bongs often come with carbs and suit those who are on a budget. Those who want to be authentic should go with a bamboo bong with a glass or metal bowl piece. These bongs also look artistic.


Once you know enough about these weed accessories, the next question is how much you are willing to spend. Bongs can get expensive, but finding the right bong within your budget is easier if you are well aware of the required attributes.

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