Why Email Marketing is Important for Cannabis Businesses?

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Email Marketing for Cannabis Businesses

According to Growth Dispensary Marketing, for every $1 spent on email sales, companies receive $42 reciprocally, representing an increase of $38 in 2018. Cannabis license holders must observe since they market Marijuana products and services, along with products and services that are measured exclusively with marijuana. Through several different channels, it is complicated due to a wide range of state and native rules.
The sale by email presents a great opportunity at the time when several old and digital sales techniques measure without limits or extremely restricted for marijuana and marijuana-related companies, along with junk mail, print advertising, advertising on Facebook, Google AdWords and selling on social networks. The great news is that there are some ways in which companies operating in or with the marijuana business will be promoted. You have to have the skills to try and do it.

For example, most email sales providers such as MailChimp, Aweber and Constant Contact will not allow users to send messages associated with marijuana businesses, products or services. The mere mention of marijuana can cause your account to be blocked with these common providers of email sales software systems, as was the case with Cannabiz Media in its past.

Once MailChimp closed the Cannabiz Media account without prior notice (although Cannabiz Media never touches real marijuana products and instead provides marijuana license data information to a large style of companies, journalists, researchers, regulators and more), The Cannabiz Media team completed that there had to be a response to the issue of email sales for the marijuana business.
As a result, email sales tools were incorporated into Cannabiz media license information merchandise. Each subscriber of the license information will send messages to key license holders without worrying that their accounts will be quickly disabled.

In other words, Cannabiz Media provides you with a tool to join those responsible for creating industrial options related to cannabis. However, will it create that tool for you? Keep reading to search!

Why is email sales essential for the marijuana industry?
In less complicated terms, power is on your list. After you connect with a particular audience of people by email, the UN agency’s measure is probably fascinated by what you’re providing. After sending them extremely relevant messages that solve your problems and address your weaknesses, the possibility that you simply do it flip them in Pay customers goes off.

However, given the restriction of the advertising and sales rules for companies that operate within the marijuana business or its surroundings, having some way of linking directly with a target market is like accessing a gold mine.
Think of it this way: where do you currently pay most of your time? The analysis shows that people pay a large amount of their time daily on social networks of victimization, causing text messages and reading emails. With the sale by email, its entirety is a gift as part of the typical daily activity for most of the population.


How to leverage email selling for profit?

The key to selling investment email for profit in any business, along with the marijuana business, is to contemplate the buyer’s trip and create messages and offers that meet the requirements of the recipients, which come from where they are on the buyer’s trip. In my book, Final Guide for email sales for companies, I justify that there are five stages within the buyer’s purchase cycle:

  1. Not in the market yet
  2. known inconvenience
  3. analysis and evaluation
  4. Preferences established
  5. final judgment

With all this in mind, you will produce an email promotion plan full of different types of content, promotions and offers to attach people at numerous stages of the buyer’s buying cycle to push them to the next stage effectively and closer to selecting its entirety as your final purchase.

The key to success is to send messages that people really need to scan, send messages at the right time and track their results to boost their future investments in an email promotion.

Please note that the email promotion does not end when creating a purchase agreement. You should still invest in email promotion to foster prospects and build relationships with them, resulting in future sales and total loyalty (i.e., repeated purchases and verbal promotion of name advocates). For example, cannabis retailers must send the 5 most important retail emails at least.

I will leave you with a final reflection on the promotion of email and, therefore, on the marijuana business. A day that does not connect with stakeholders within the marijuana business can be when its competitors will sweep in and steal a little from the market. The installation is on your list, so use it!

Why email marketing?

Do not be intimidated by our option to use the word “choreography.” It will be daunting; however, it is an investment of slow value, attention, and resources. Let us tell you why.
“Email is simple thanks to reaching mobile customers. In relation to fifty-three emails open on mobile devices.”



“Email can be a good way to keep your subscribers informed. Seventy-two people choose to receive promotional content via email, compared to terrorist organizations that prefer social media.”

SHERPA promoting

“Promotions delivered by email generate online sales and store visits. Sixty-four people, net users, have written an associated grade email coupon.”

Types of email promoting


Direct Emails

Considered as any email sent to your entire subscriber list, direct emails are specifically that: a general email blast. This could be a clinical promotion, an announcement of the associated degree of a new product on the shelf, or simply a “hello” with an update of the associated degree of the clinic. Although you think of “general,” the interaction with this type of email will still increase by segmenting your list and along with your name within the short email victimization codes provided by your email promotion computer code. If you are not familiar with the concept of segmenting your list, assume the following: once you subscribe to email subscribers, the note of what interests them. If you register for your email list, you will be powered by a machine with an associated grade group email action (see below) and will ask you what products or brands interest you. In this way, you will not send a promotion that is not relevant to them. For example, a subscriber is causing you a supermarket promotion if you are curious about the tinctures.

Transactional Emails

Transactional emails can take you through the filters in your customer’s inbox. These are “activated” emails that support the activities of a customer on their website. They will have completed a type, completed a purchase agreement, abandoned an associated grade item during a cart or added it to their email list. Since these emails are specifically designed to respond to the associated grade action, they are considered the most relevant to your subscriber and, therefore, very attractive. The main objective of this type of email is to follow the actions of the associate degree and provide the client with a lot of information. Companies that market transactional emails of victimization of their customers have seen conversion rates of up to five hundredths (eMarketer). Take advantage of the high gap rates and embrace a promotional message at intervals in the body of those emails.

Email newsletters

Around fifty-three emails open on mobile devices (Campaign Monitor), so it is essential to optimize your campaigns for mobile devices. Although your email promotion computer code should allow you to section your list, it should also give you a preview of how your email can be viewed on a mobile device.

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