Online cannabis sales in the US in the coronavirus era


Online cannabis orders and curbside pickup are replacing visits to cannabis stores to limit the spread of COVID-19.
As the new and infectious coronavirus halts global trade, essential businesses cannot stop. That includes medical and adult cannabis.

Regulators consider California and Colorado licensed cannabis stores essential, which means implementing customer-friendly sidewalk collection, handling, and delivery services to break the virus’s chain of transmission.
Since March 17, approximately twelve of California’s approximately 600 dispensaries and delivery services have been licensed to carry out sidewalk deliveries. Similarly, all Colorado adult dispensaries must offer curbside pickup or closing.


How does cannabis collection on the sidewalk work?

Customers are encouraged to order and buy cannabis online or phone a locally licensed dispensary that offers sidewalk pickup. The buyer then receives a text message or a call when their order is ready. Drive and park at the designated pickup location. Approach the buyer’s car and verify their identification, validate the order, and receive cash. This process limits the exposure of customers and workers to the coronavirus.

California and Colorado consider cannabis an “essential” product and exempt from orders to stay home, as cannabinoids can be life-saving drugs.

Legal, medical access is supported by 90% of American voters.

Cannabis has many uses for wellness, including managing anxiety, stress, and boredom. There’s no need to smoke or get high, and many choose to use cannabis instead of more dangerous drugs like alcohol, tranquilizers, and opioids.

This measure could be implemented on March 16. The California Office of Cannabis Control invoked emergency rules designed for earthquakes and fires and suspended the ban on self-service, allowing for sidewalk pickup.

Several consume marijuana stores immediately applied for a sidewalk collection license, and regulators issued the first temporary licenses to carry out the activity before March 18. For stores with a work plan, approval can take as little as 15 minutes.
Cannabis customers have gone from forbidden times, when texting, to online ordering dealers, virtually overnight.

Co-FounderStephen DeAngelo said he receives enthusiastic tweets and Instagram posts from happy customers picking up on the sidewalk. He added that we would learn that the sidewalk is something that we should have had available for a long time, and hopefully, this system is something that we can keep forever.
San Francisco does not yet allow this sales system.

For traditional sales, stores must follow CDC, state, and local protocols for workplace sanitation, including keeping sick employees in their homes on paid sick leave. Dispensaries must halve store capacity, impose minimum distances between employees and customers, and use cleaning and disinfection rules to overcome the transmission of SARS-CoV-2 on the spray and the surface, wear gloves latex. Limit money management. Coughs and sneezes should be covered. Hand washing should be frequent. Hand sanitizers should be everywhere. More protocols are being created as stores adjust to selling rules in times of coronavirus.

Online cannabis sales in the US are increasing exponentially.

Now imagine the arduous task of explaining to a police officer in Spain that we are on the sidewalk waiting for medical marijuana to be delivered to us.

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