Why could a vape be too hot?

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Getting tired after a long day of hectic work routine is very common. But what are you doing to release that tiredness? The answer to this lies in the remarkable technology of a Vape. It will evaporate all your anxieties. So, smoke away all your worries with the fantastic Vape.


What is Vape?

A vape is also known as an e-cigarette. It is a small portable device that has replaced typical paper cigarettes. A vape is a compatible battery-powered unit that simulates smoking but with some major upsides. There is no burning of tobacco involved. The user inhales an aerosol called ‘vapor.’

How Does a Vape Work?

A heating element atomizes the solution (which can either be liquid or herb). The heating element is automatically activated while taking a puff or by pressing a button. E-liquid usually contains propylene glycol, nicotine, glycerine and flavoring additives. Read more here about the best vape pens available online.


Why does Vape get too hot?

A vape is a remarkable device that does has its perks. But there is one issue that many users face: the unit getting too hot vape for use. There are many reasons this can happen. Let us dive deeper and find a solution to the issue. The following are the reasons that can be explained if Vape gets hot.


One common reason a vape gets too hot to smoke is the coil. The coil is a thin metal wire that is wound numerous times. It is designed in such a way that it resembles an inductor. If you are vaping with a coil of a significant amount of metal mass, things are bound to get hotter. The battery heats the metal coil. Coil radiates extreme heat to a great extent. The coil retains heat and glows blazing red for an extended period. That can burn your throat or mouth when your vape gets hot.


Pure metal as a mouthpiece

Everyone knows that metal is a good conductor of heat. Why is my vape tank getting hot? One reason could be the material your vape is made from. Metal absorbs all the heat from the coil to itself and then to your mouth.

Dry wick

The coil is wrapped around a wick that must be wet all the time. If this wick gets dried up, the vape can overheat.

Battery overload

An overloaded battery can also be one of the reasons your vape is overheating. Sometimes the battery gets overloaded and generates far more heat than any other component. It will result in a vape tank getting hot.


These are some of the solutions that can be adopted if Vape gets hot during smoking:

Avoid a metal tip

Use plastic drip tips for tanks rather than metal. It will prevent the vape tank from getting hot. The following are the best plastic materials to adopt.

Resin (HDPE)

Resin often has a swirly pattern and provides great resistance against heat generated from the coil. It is the best option if your Vape gets hot.

Delrin (POM)

It is usually of matte black color and is suitable for high-temperature vaping. Is the vape tank getting hot? No worries! Delrin will help you ease your problem.

Ultem (PEI)

It has the highest heat resistance and is considered the best option if Vape gets hot while smoking. Ultem is of translucent orange color.

Take Care of the Wick

Taking care of your wick is very crucial to avoid the vape tank getting hot. The following step can be made.

●      E-liquid

Use an e-liquid that has a VG/PG ratio. This will result in faster wicking and prevent overheating of the unit.

●      Power

Lower the wattage of your device. It will prevent your wick from burning, which in turn will help you avoid a vape that gets too hot.

●      Puffs

Take care of the wick by taking shorter puffs. Take a pause between puffs for a better experience. It is a method that will prevent the kingpens vape cartridge tank from getting hot.




As we explored in this piece, there are many possibilities to consider if your vape is getting too hot. One thing to look at right off the bat is your coil. Some coil designs (specifically larger coils that use lots of metal) are more prone to overheating than others.


It would help if you also looked at the material your vape is made from and whether the wick has gone dry. Metal conducts heat, while a dry wick will produce excessive amounts of heat.

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