How to Increase Vaping Potency on Dry Herb

Trying to get thick clouds from your dry herb vaporizer, but you’re getting nothing but wispy clouds? Well, when you first start vaping, you might notice you’re not getting the right amount of vapor. Several factors could prevent you from getting the right amount of clouds. We’re going to give tips that will help you get thick, vast clouds.


Most of the time, a little trial and error is your best bet when figuring things out. A simple adjustment will work the trick and will make your experience ten times better. Vaporizers have become increasingly popular for obvious reasons; vaping is healthier and effective. However, to get the most out of your dry herb vaporizer, here is what you need to get the best vapor production.


  1. Dry your herbs as much as possible


Dry herb vaporizers are called this way with a purpose. If your herbs are adequately dried, you’ll get much better vapor production. So, it would help if you bought the driest herb from a dispensary for several reasons. First, properly cured herbs have less chance of mold growth. Also, you’ll get a tastier and a finer flavor. buying prescription drugs online


However, if your herb is not dry enough, you can dry it up by placing tissue paper on top and beneath and leave it overnight. The longer the cure, the better quality you’ll have. This is because the curing process will slowly release the moisture from the herbs, offering a flavorsome, aroma, and vapor quality.


       2. Grind it up 


Using a herb grinder assists in breaking the herb efficiently and effectively, increasing the surface area and the transfer of heat. Adequately ground herb has a sufficient exposed surface area, so hot air can have its way of picking up terpenes and other powerful compounds. This would help your herb burn evenly, producing thicker clouds of vapor. Therefore, a good grinder is vital to creating sweet, flavorsome, and vast clouds.

Dry Herb


3. Don’t overpack your dry herb atomizer


While vapor comes from the dry herb, you might think the more you pack, the more vapor. However, this is not the case when it comes to weed vaporizers. Different vaporizers have different sizes, CBD cigarettes, shapes, and designs — most of them require that you not overpack the atomizer. A general rule of thumb is to pack your herbs loosely to allow free airflow — but fill the chamber.


Overpacking the chamber can restrict airflow leading to weak vapor. Also, there will be less surface area of herbs that touch the passing hot air resulting in inadequate vapor production. An ideal oven is even and fluffy, like any other units on the list, experiment, and understand what works best for your vape.


4. Turn up the heat and set it to the right temperature


Depending on your preference, the higher you set your temperature, the more potent the vapor. However, the higher you set your temperature for several vapers,  vape making humming noise the more the flavor degrades, but you’ll have massive and thick clouds. So, we recommend experimenting to find the sweetest spot between flavor and vapor. It’s perfect to start a session low, get the fresh sweet aroma, and then switch to full effect.


5. Inhale using the right technique

Dry Herb

The technique you use to inhale vapor makes a considerable difference in the amount of vapor you’ll get. Taking long, slow draws helps you get the most vapor out of your dry herb vaporizer – however, this differs with each device. So, it would help if you tried out with your vaporizer to find what suits your needs.


Most of the vaporizers work better if you draw in a controlled way and take a full breathe in. Long, slow pulls help you inhale more vapor. Keep in mind that it takes time for the vapor to cook up, so it’s essential to give your dry herb atomizer enough time to heat up before you start taking puffs.


Each vaporizer has different draw resistance; for instance, the mighty V CARTA is one of the few portable dry herb vaporizers that will give you the perfect clouds you’ve always desired.


6. Clean your device regularly

It’s crucial to clean your vaporizer right after a session because heat melts any residue. If you wait for the residue to dry up, it will be hard to clean. Depending on the device you use, some dry herb vaporizers come with a pack of alcohol cleaning wipes.

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