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smoking cannabis

Are you still smoking cannabis?

Read this guide on vaporization to know if the time has come to take the step, as thousands have done.

In recent years, vaping has become fashionable. However, the investigation of vaporization and its long-term health effects is still ongoing. Vaping is believed to be a safer alternative than smoking. Many people have already quit tobacco to start vaping electronic liquids. And vaporization has also spread more and more among cannabis users. What is evaporation, and how is it different from smoking? Also, what benefits does it offer, and how is it safe?

What is vaporization?

The main difference between vaping and smoking cannabis is that vaporization does not burn the herb. But it heats up to a specific temperature. The heat activates cannabis cannabinoids and terpenes, releasing them in a vapor that is inhaled later. Since it does not generate smoke, as with joints or songs. Vaporization provides certain health benefits that cannot achieve by smoking.


Although it is still unknown if vaping is 100% safe, it is believed to be much healthier than smoking. The reason is that almost all the harmful substances are produced la when you smoke, which is generated by the combustion process, regardless of whether you are using marijuana or tobacco. During vaporization, the herb does not burn, so there is no smoke and, therefore, much fewer toxins and free radicals are inhaled than when a joint is smoked.

Tobacco smoke contains many carcinogens (substances that cause cancer), which is why it has acquired such a bad reputation over the years. Unfortunately, cannabis smoke is also likely to contain these substances, although possibly in smaller amounts. Besides, the smoke contains tar, which causes problems in the lungs, making this method of consumption extremely inappropriate for those suffering from a disorder related to lung health. In a study on marijuana use, the American Lung Association found that cannabis smoke may contain even more tar than tobacco smoke. This is mainly because cannabis smokers tend to take longer and deeper puffs than those who smoke cigarettes.

When you switch to vaporization, your lungs will be subject to a much lower risk immediately. A study published in 2007 in the Harm Reduction Journal found that cannabis vaporization reduces respiratory problems.

The health risks associated with smoking are dangerous enough to convince many people to switch to vaporization. But, apart from the long-term benefits, sublimation offers a much more pleasant and less cumbersome experience for many people. It would help if you were sure to clean your vaporizer frequently.


The active compounds of marijuana are susceptible to administering cannabinoids, terpenes, etc. The combustion of the heart between puffs and puffs ends with another 15-20% of the substances that interest us. This makes smoking cannabis very inefficient.

.As a result, cannabis vapor will be purer and more potent and will not waste so much money. Therefore, vaping also helps to save money in the long term.


In addition to the cannabinoids that give potency, cannabis contains aromatic compounds, called terpenes, that provide flavor. These substances are very volatile and sensitive to heat, so that excessive temperatures can destroy them quickly. On the contrary, vaporization helps optimize the experience of each terpene. It’s interesting to know that some terpenes have different boiling points, so they are later released at lower temperatures.

For example, Betacariophylene, a spicy and spicy aroma terpene, is released at a temperature of about 118 ° C and does not like to heat anymore.

When it vaporizes, you can generally adjust the device’s temperature to some extent, which allows you to improve the experience. In this way, you can enjoy the full range of flavors and aromas that are impossible to perceive when smoking.


In the same way that it can influence the taste of your marijuana with different temperatures, you can also control the severeness of the hum. Most cannabinoids are released by vaping at high temperatures, which produces a more robust and faster effect. If you prefer a smoother run, program the vaporizer at a temperature of approximately 150 ° C for a slightly stronger result. The temperature rises to an average of 166-187 ° C. If you are looking for maximum power. Choose the temperature more high adjustment But do not exceed 229 ° C. as this temperature is close to the heat of combustion and will reduce the potency and taste of your marijuana.


A 2009 study analyzed the effects of vaporization at different temperatures. For this study, the researchers vaporized cannabis at three different temperatures. 170 ° C, 200 ° C and 230 ° C, calculating the relationship between cannabinoids and by-products (in other words, the degree of purity) of steam for each temperature.

It came out that even with higher temperature settings, steam contained a significantly lower amount of toxins than smoke. The study also revealed that most therapeutic cannabinoids, such as cannabis cyclone (CBC), are released at a temperature just below combustion at 232 ° C.

On the other hand, your personal preferences may be different.


Fortunately, cannabis use is no longer taboo. Many people use marijuana for strictly therapeutic purposes, and recreational use is increasingly accepted and even utterly legal in many places. This slow but sure progress of cannabis laws benefits the consumer and opens the way for research in this field, not to mention an attractive market. Based on the apparent advantages of vaping versus smoking, science studies the specific results of vaporization as a method of cannabis administration for medicinal consumers.

2015 study, 2,910 cannabis users of different ages (18-90) later asked about weed use and evaporation. 61% of the participants claimed to have used a vaporizer at some time in their life, 37% admitted to vaporizing during the previous 30 days. 20% acknowledged that they evaporated more than 100 days, and 12% confirmed that vaporization was their preferred consumption method. The study found that people who practiced vaping thought this method is “healthier, produce better flavor, induce better effects, and is more satisfying. Besides, only a small percentage (14%) of respondents quit smoking altogether.

A 2016 study analyzed the preferences of a group of cancer patients who used cannabis to relieve their symptoms. It later discovered that vaporization was the third preferred method of consumption, after pills and oral sprays. Another study in 2015 measured blood levels and confirmed previous studies on the effectiveness of vaporization as a means of THC administration.


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