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CBD Cigarettes

Cigarettes have been accused of posing serious threats to the human body, especially the lungs, because of their extremely deleterious ingredients, such as nicotine. There are hundreds of millions of peoples who smolder cigarettes, and millions of them are suffering from nicotine-caused diseases. It was never easy to quit smoking, and those indulged in the throes of nicotine are probably the most unfortunate people on the Earth, given the fact that the same pleasure can be realized through “Healthy Smoking.” Healthy smoking here refers to inhaling CBD cigarettes that is a much favorable option for those who want to quit smoking. It is the healthiest alternative to tobacco cigarettes. It reduces stress, anxiety, pain, and manages sleep and helps to treat multiple physical diseases.


What is CBD Cigarette? 

Cannabidiol or CBD is comparatively the lesser-known genre of the Sativa plant. A CBD cigarette is made of cannabidiol instead of nicotine with a negligible amount of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a psychoactive component to make people high. In the United States, 0.3% THC is legal in CBD cigarettes. These cigarettes are majorly used to get rid of nicotine addiction. Furthermore, these are clinically healthy to fight various physical and psychological ailments.


Advantages of Inhaling CBD over reeking Nicotine 

CBD is promising in many therapeutic ventures and is now being studied for having a lot more medical benefits than those known before. The most important of them are given below to give you an idea about why we chose CBD to fill our Stix.


Breaking the Cycle of Addiction 

All the smokers are mindful that their craving to have a cigarette suddenly increases during the first coffee of the day, after a meal, or while watching a news channel. This is because of the brains’ natural ability to create links between human activities. Breaking this chain of learned memories and repeating and reinforced behaviors often prove to be highly challenging. Fortunately, there is clear evidence that CBD helps loosen the grip of these inculcated triggers. In a 2013 study conducted by NCBI, researchers confirmed the efficacy of inhaled CBD on smokers who wanted to quit cigarettes with an encouraging 40% reduction in the number of cigarettes they use to inhale.


CBD is Not Addictive 

While Tobacco cigarettes are packed with more than 4000 toxic compounds that damage our cells in addition to the notorious nicotine, CBD cigarettes are all-natural and organic. So, you can achieve all that pleasure and effects without pouring a lot of dangerous chemicals into your body. These legal strains of cannabis are grown by thousands of farmers across Europe and America. CBD is not psychoactive and contains much less THC. Hence, you would not get high by intaking it.


Stress Management 

There are numerous scientifically proven medical advantages associated with CBD. Stressful situations trigger most nicotine smokers. Interestingly, CBD can be a much healthier tool for managing emotions. It is a great antidepressant and sleep regulator. It also helps to treat anxiety. Researchers found that a 300-mg dose of CBD significantly reduced anxiety when given before a public speaking test in a Brazilian study. According to a survey, more than 60% of people are taking CBD for managing anxiety.


Best CBD Cigarette in the Market 

With the increasing tendency to switch from Nicotine to CBD, thousands of vendors in the market are dealing with CBD products. By testing and tasting their products, you will admit that HEMP86 is among the smoothest, relaxing, and best smoking alternative CBD cigarettes around.

HEPM86 is manufactured with 100% Californian grown Hemp that is further processed and filtered to give you a smooth and joyful smoking experience and making it near odorless. It doesn’t contain nicotine or any other addictive compounds; hence, it is completely unlikely to get addicted. It is tightly packed with the highest quality of CBD instead of the trimmings or shakes, which competitors mostly use. Every Stix of HEMP86 offers you the highest number of cannabinoids to ensure maximum medical benefits and unmatched pleasure of vaping.

HEMP86 is tested in various independent labs for CBD and THC it contains. It has the highest amount of CBD packed in Stix, and it contains only 0.3% THC, which is legal to use in the USA. We keenly take care of is to grow these flowers without any pesticides or harmful chemicals, using organic methods. Thus, HEPM86 is not less than any other quality CBD cigarette available in the market regarding clinical and psychological benefits. All these rigorously taken steps have enabled us to make this product legal in all 50 states of the USA.

Price and Availability of HEMP86

The best part is you can realize this joy without burning a hole in your pocket. HEMP86 is not only healthy and relaxing but also highly reasonable in price. There are HEMP86 CBD CIGARETTES – STARTER PACK that you can get for only $1.99. This is the best option which is just starting to experience the pleasure of smoking while benefitting from the positive impacts of cannabis. Regular vapors can buy HEMP86 CBD CIGARETTES – REGULAR for only $2.99. This package contains 10 rich CBD-packed sticks. For those who love flavored smoking, HEMP 86 also has an incredible flavor of menthol in its bucket packed with natural menthol in addition to cannabinoids. If you are above 21, you can legally buy these best tobacco cigarette alternatives at our online store.


CBD is organic, and because of its non-toxic and non-psychotropic nature, it is getting popular as the first choice for smokers looking to get into vaporization. With increasing awareness, more and more vapers are switching to CBD from Nicotine. While shifting to CBD is a rational choice, equally rational is to choose HEPM86 CBD cigarettes that are pure, clean, smooth, CBD-rich, and offer minimal THC. If you are struggling to get rid of tobacco addiction, HEMP86 is the best bet. It will help you come out of this unhealthy habit by ensuring to be a partner in all those good and bad times.

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